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Stylecraft the cheaper way to make the Dancing in the rain blanket!

Ok so I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a while. At first it wasn’t to substitute the yarns it was just that Stylecraft yarn has been my go to for the last while and I wanted to compare the two. So the first thing that I looked at was price.

Yes really it’s  £33.99 for the kit and stylecraft works out at  £25.06 ! (14 x 100g Special dk)

Both of these prices are from wool warehouse who give free Uk delivery on orders over £25 so you save £8.93!!

It’s not just the price of the wool that’s a reason to choose Stylecraft over Scheepjes.

During this comparison of texture and fluffiness which I felt no difference between the two. I realised something I picked up week 1’s colour and the baby hat I was working on and realised they were and EXACT MATCH !. So I checked the rest and I got a surprise for every colour in the kit they’re wasn’t just a similar one for stylecraft there was an exact match down to the colour codes !

DSCN3384 (2).JPG
As you can see Scheepjes Urk and stylecraft Sherbert are an exact match even the colour code 

I have the stylecraft colour board so it was easy to make a match to each one. Here’s a few but I checked the whole box. Below you’ll find a substitution guide.

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So This will show you how to change this colour list (which is written in order of use) into Stylecraft colours using the Rain kit as an example.

12998748_10156724322110184_6246592217125922487_n (1)
This Table was released for the cal 

So Ignoring the top line as that’s the merino colours

The middle line would be like this.Amounts are the same as scheepjes colour crafter 100g = 300 meters and Stylecraft special DK 100g = 295 meter and it’s been said we’ll have a bit left over.

(Amount)Scheepjes    = Stylecraft
1x Ermelo 1710       = Stone 1710 
2x Helmond 1724      = Parma violet 1724 
1x Veenendal 1064    = Mocha 1064
2x Rotterdam 1063    = Graphite 1063
1x Zandvoort 1218    = Parchment 1218
3x Heerenveen 1203   = Silver 1203 
1x Urk 1034          = Sherbert 1034
1x Weert 1001        = White 1001 
1x Dokkum 1302       = Denim 1302 
1x Alphen 1722       = Storm Blue 1722 

To make this for the other two colours take the colour code and look for the same one in stylecraft (wool warehouse have them listed in colour code order)

If I decide to make the other 2 colours of Blankets I will definitely be using Stylecraft (if I can’t get hold on a luxury kit with a blue striped bag)

It comes in three colour ways. left to right “dance in the sea” “dance in the rain” “dance under the stars”



One thought on “Stylecraft the cheaper way to make the Dancing in the rain blanket!

  1. Thanks so much for this – I’d been struggling to get the colours I needed in Scheepjes yarn for another blanket, so I’ve swapped out the problematic colours! They’re for a make for a ‘big birthday’ gift and I was getting a bit stressed about the time I’d have left once I tracked them down! You’re a life saver 🙂


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