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Fathers day cards – with some for grandad/grandpa too

So we’ve been making cards for father’s day. I’ve also been making some to give to Alex’s grandparents. One for his Grandpa (my dad), his grandad (my partners dad) and his granda (my mom’s fiance).

So first up I searched everywhere for paint and I eventually found some in home bargains after trying every other shop with no luck. I also got cards for him to decorate, It’s yellow card folded into three and included envelopes. I was just going to get white card and fold it ourselves but couldn’t find any.


So to save his clothes from the inevitable mess he only had his nappy on for painting. I also put a towel under him so he wasn’t on the cold floor with the added benefit that it protected the floor.His highchair has 2 trays there’s one that clips off the main tray for easy cleaning, I thought we’d use that to put the paint on as he’s used to getting his hands messy with it.



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So how did they turn out ?


we made a few feet and hand prints love how detailed this foot one came out.

Some came out a bit smeared


So on to the decorating. I did what most of us moms do I searched pinterest. I got a few Idea’s and this is what I came up with for my partners card. It’s got a footprint on one side and a handprint on the other.


Excuse my bad handwriting. I loved this though and just had to have it on his card as he’s so much like his daddy and I can see him being exactly like him when he grows up.We always include one cute message on a card but there also has to be a funny one …


I love the colour of this one it looks like ombre yarn, I hadn’t cleaned up the green well enough before putting the blue on the tray. Sometimes mistakes makes the prettiest of things. He’s a handprint dragon because the colours seemed too good to pass up.

I’ll be adding the pictures of the grandparents ones before I send them off.


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