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Catching up on projects

So we crafters seem to never have enough time. We push ourselves to finish gifts/orders but have no time to do things for yourself or life just gets in the way. My current battle to get time to craft is my heath, normally my asthma only stops me during the winter but the lack of summer has hit me with a cold that won’t shift (praying the steroid tablets and antibiotics shift it soon :/ ). on another note my digital camera broke so I’m using my phone camera that’s not to good so please bear with me hoping to get a fix soon.

Anyway I have managed to make a few things this month and I thought I’d talk about them. So I’ve been making a few things for premature baby and angel baby charity (Preemie and Angel baby’s UK – is their group on facebook). I ‘ve been making hats and am looking forward to pushing myself by making some clothes to. Currently they’re trying to get 400 teddies to give to baby’s as a first christmas gift.

I’ve managed to make a few hat’s (will get a group pic soon) and 1 teddy done.

My teddy for the charity (free pattern for it here 

I’ve also been given a sewing machine from my great aunt, it was originally her mothers and she wanted to give it to someone who would use it. So stay tuned to see me failing at sewing haha.



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