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Ribbed newborn hat pattern

What you’ll need to make this hat  Using Dk/8ply  (Weight 3 yarn) I used stylecraft special Dk (stone) 3.5mm crochet hook Scissors Needle ( To sew in ends) Terms (us) Dc = Double crochet  Inc = Increase = 2 Double crochet in the same stitch fpdc= Front post double crochet bpdc= Back post double crochet Tutorial… Continue reading Ribbed newborn hat pattern

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My simple Newborn hat – crochet pattern

So I have a go to pattern for newborn hats and I thought I’d share it with you all. I’ve used it in my braided hat as well as my ribbed and minnie mouse hats. I will be adding the adaptations as they are made. I will also be working on bigger sizes 🙂  … Continue reading My simple Newborn hat – crochet pattern