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What I’ve been up to …

So I haven’t posted in a while sorry every one. Alex’s dad is home on leave at the moment and he hasn’t seen him in about 5 months so we’ve been doing loads. This included a trip to Edinburgh last week to see his grandparents. Also had a birthday and a wedding this week so done lots and because I have a crap phone I use my digital camera well guess who forgot to bring it to literally everything :(.

So first things first my Granny knitted Alex a new jumper. Here his is waiting for the bride to leave the church on Saturday. Absolutely love my Granny’s knitting (someday I’ll learn to do it too )

DSCN3440 (2)

While we were in Edinburgh we stayed at Alex’s dad’s grandparents house. I get on really well with his gran she’s the only other person I know that crochet’s and her house is filled with beautiful doilies that Alex decided were mini blankies. This time we were down she wasn’t crocheting but cross stitching. I’ve been having the itch to give that a go again I learned from my mum and granny when I was really little. Granny Joy was making a beautiful woman of the forest and it looked stunning even just partially done. So the boy’s let me have a look in hobby craft and I found a few simple ones and a harder one. So the first one I completed was this puppy and I really enjoyed it.


Just need to work on the back haha


This cuddle pup came as a kit so included pattern,embroidery thread, needle and fabric for £2.50. They have a website were you can buy their kits.

You’ve not heard a Lot about the Scheepjes Blanket Cal but I can tell you so far I’ve completed

Week 1 – All 4 Squares + all blocked

Week 2 – 1 square + blocked

Week 3 – 1 square  + not blocked

weeks 4 – 1 square + not blocked

Here they are week 1 to 4. week 5 was released today and looks like seagull foot prints in the sand can’t wait to try that one.


As you can see I’ve decided to give every week a go so at least I have one I’ve found it’s made it easier to not feel like I’m super behind.

Lot’s of baby’s have been announced recently so be prepared for more baby patterns coming soon. Currently thinking of boy related ones.Hopefully I’ll have a more in depth posts soon 😀


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