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A break from the normal …

So currently I’ve been working on my blanket and waiting for something to come in the mail to finish an order but I had kind of lost my Crojo. Then I was told my Aunt wanted to get hold of me to make a few baby girl hats for my cousin as it’s their first grandchild.

I was kind of apprehensive but knew I needed to make something. So while I waited for her to call I decided to try out a few things to make sure I could get the sizing right.

First up was the savannah Bonnet by Theresa Knapp a paid pattern. (It can be bought here)

It was very relaxing to make this I loved the look of this pattern and wanted to try making it for a while and I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s a well written pattern and includes sizes 3,6,12 and 18 months for just $1.79. I think she’s also designed a dress to go with it.

So on a high from managing to make a bonnet I made a minnie mouse hat.The bow comes from this minnie mouse pattern.  I used my simple baby hat pattern  Black for 10 rows and pink for 4 rows with a sc border. The ears are the tops of the hat to round 4

DSCN3274 (2).JPG

Simple but cute.

Then I found out from my Aunt what two hat’s she wanted.

The first was easier than the second. It’s my go to baby hat pattern like above but on the last two rows I decided to use a fpdc and bpdc to give the brim of the hat a bit more forgiving if the baby has a littler heat than I anticipated.I’ve written up the pattern here


This hat and the next one both use the same flower pattern. Except I only made the first two sets of petals so It wouldn’t be too big for such little hats.


She also wanted a hat in white cotton and pink cotton ! I’m not good at working with cotton. I’ve seen others work with it and it look amazing but I always end up splitting the yarn by hooking part of the yarn instead of all of it. If anyone has any tips on it please share ?!

Anyway this hat wasn’t to bad even with how badly it I work with cotton the end results look good I added a shell border but the main pattern is here 

These were all finished over the space of 3 days. So now I’m trying to relax with my tea and making my blanket before it’s back to crochet work tomorrow 😢


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  1. Yup, I find I end up splitting the yarn working with cotton. I try and turn my hook slightly as I pull through the loops so that it faces away from the part where I normally catch the yarn. It could also be that you need a different size, larger hook.

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